QHSE Policy

Uniconsys is committed to provide a safe environment and work place for all our employees, subcontractors, and clients. To ensure the successful implementation of the QHSE system for every project and it’s continued monitoring and improvement the following procedures are followed:

Developing and maintaining a framework for setting, reviewing and achieving measurable QHSE objectives and targets.

Complying with the requirements of local legislations, codes of practice and exceeding industry standards.

Complying with the requirements of local legislations, codes of practice and exceeding industry standards.

Ensuring that all our employees, consultants and contractors are trained and competent to be able to run each of the processes within the QHSE system for each role and process.

Ensuring that the impact of all our activities on the environment are minimised.

Having established contingency plans adequate to address all of the identified emergency scenarios.

Ensuring that there is a swift monitoring / review mechanism for QHSE to ensure that the system is working effectively and has the ability to provide for continual improvement of all the processes and outcomes of the system.


This policy document defines how Uniconsys manages Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) in order to ensure legal compliance and international practice standards. As a responsible organization Uniconsys has a Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policy which is supported by detailed requirements for Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Management (QHSE Management) arrangements.

In summary, the project managers and site managers have accountability for the quality, health, safety & environment implementation and performance of their project. Specific duties and responsibilities may be decentralise to project managers and supervisors in order that the policy and standards are effectively communicated, implemented and monitored.

Uniconsys enables the provision of suitable and sufficient resources, training and supervision as part of business planning and management, to ensure that all managers, supervisors and employees are properly able to discharge their responsibilities under this policy.

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policy statement

Uniconsys is primarily a construction management and contracting company conducting business in the South Indian Construction Industry.

QHSE performance is one of our greatest strengths and one we value highly. Uniconsys regards the health & safety of employees, the environment and the communities we operate in, as a core business element and a strategic imperative. The principles that govern our Quality, Safety, Health & Environmental Policy are integral to the business and our dedication to QHSE is eembedded in each of our projects and are listed below;

Set and achieve targets that promote efficient use of resources and include reducing and preventing pollution.

Promote sustainable development of all our employees and contractors through training, awareness and transparent business practices.

Allocate appropriate resources to meet or, where less stringent than our standards, exceed applicable legal and other requirements.

Understand, promote and uphold fundamental human rights within our sphere of influence, respecting tradition, cultural heritage and religion.

Encourage a diverse workforce and provide a work environment in which everyone is treated fairly and with respect.

Sustain continuous QHSE improvement strategies.To achieve this, we will:

  • Implement and maintain a risk-based Quality, Health, Safety & Environment management system.
  • Promote integrity by holding our project management teams accountable for effective leadership and management of QHSE.
  • Integrate Quality, Health, Safety & Environment resource and training provision into our business plans.
  • Engage regularly, openly and honestly with people affected by our operations, and take their views and concerns into account in our decision-making.
  • Regularly review our performance and the performance of our stakeholders.
  • In implementing this policy, we will engage with and support our employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, business partners and host communities in sharing responsibility for meeting our requirements.
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